A Colossal Wave!

A COLOSSAL WAVE! is a multi-location mixed reality art installation exploring human impact.
It’s the result of a creative collaboration between UK artists Marshmallow Laser Feast and Canadian artists Presstube, and Dpt. with immersive audio by Headspace Studio.
The team set out to put creativity into the hands of the public—celebrating user-generated art—created digitally in the form of ‘Voicefruit’ and physically in the form of a gong sculpted by a thousand bowling balls.

Shared Experiences

Indoors: people put on VR headsets and are invited to stand around a sculpture which in VR is an interactive portal to the outside world. They sing to create 3D generative art.
Outdoors: visitors stand under 4 VR umbrellas and wait for a 5th member of the public to climb a tower and drop a bowling ball from a great height onto a gong target. When the ball meets the gong, it triggers a virtual colossal wave that rages over the 4 VR umbrellas!

Client: Marshmallow Laser Feast
Services: Sound Supervision, Sound Design, Authoring, Spatialization & Mixing