Starring Jeff Goldblum

Felix & Paul work with a fantastic cast to create this 40-minute comedy experience that lets you inhabit the heart and chassis of MIYUBI, a domestic family robot.

The year is 1982, and Dad is finally home for Christmas. To make up for multiple absences, he buys his kids a Japanese toy robot. Everyone is thrilled (except Grandpa), but will the gift heal the family’s wounds or will MIYUBI also come to know the pain of obsolescence?

Starring Jeff Goldblum, P.J. Byrne, Emily Bergl, Owen Vaccaro, Richard Riehle, Ted Sutherland, and Tatum Kensington Bailey.

Client: Funny or Die / Felix & Paul Studios / Oculus
Services: Sound Supervision, Location Audio, Music Production, Sound Design, Interactive Sound Design, Immersive Sound Mix