The Infinite

Inspired by NASA Missions

THE INFINITE is an unforgettable journey into space where several mediums (VR, AR and projections) collide with exceptional realism in an experience that lasts 60 minutes.

On your voyage, you will be a valued member among the crew of international astronauts, taking part in an epic, emotional and inspiring adventure. Discover never before seen footage captured by the astronauts for Space Explorers: The ISS Experience—the largest production ever filmed in space, produced by Felix & Paul Studios in association with TIME Studios, NASA and the ISS National Lab. The emotional ascent of the experience also includes an exclusive work by Ryoji Ikeda, formed by an LED ceiling and mirrored floor. The pitch-black expanse, feeling of weightlessness and even the sensation of vertigo will be at the heart of this chapter.

Leave Earth and see it from a whole new perspective. In a time where international collaboration is becoming more and more necessary, the lessons and human values that guide each space mission encourage us to reflect on the actions that will ensure the sustainability of our planet Earth.

Client: Felix & Paul Studios / PHI Studio / TIME Studios
Services: Music & Sound Supervision, Sound Design, Implementation, Authoring, Spatialization & Mixing